The Department of Fine Arts and Performing Arts is established with the aim of bringing together various forms of art. The necessity to incorporate art and cultural education into formal education for the student community arises as it provides platform for community interaction. Furthermore, it is more relevant to commence some courses in order to preserve our unique cultural identity consequent on the 25th anniversary of PUCC's academic adventure. We have carefully selected three programmes from a wide range of performing arts disciplines, namely Music, Dance and Drama. Our ultimate goal is to provide students with once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study these arts and to open doors to knowledge and creativity for them. At PUCC campus, we have succeeded in developing a blend of spirituality and professionalism, which is one of our distinguishing traits. Our Country is rich in diverse cultural legacy, PUCC intends to make a mark in it by starting these interesting courses. PUCC's comprehensive and fully professional performing arts courses are ideal for launching well-paying and promising careers in the sector. The following are the most popular three courses given by PUCC:


    PG Diploma Programme:
1. PG Diploma in Drama & Theatre Arts
    Certificate Programmes (having exit option after completion of one level):
2. Certificate in Bharathanatyam - (Level 1 & Level 2 ‐ each level consists of one semester)
3. Certificate in Carnatic Music (Vocal) - (Level 1 & Level 2 ‐ each level consists of one semester)