Pondicherry University Community College [PUCC] has come into existence on 16th October 1995. It is the first founded Community College in India with the University Grants Commission recognition through Ministry of Education, Government of India. It now passes through Silver Jubilee period [1995-2020].

Pondicherry University Community College serves the people of Puducherry Union Territory, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The aspirant youth of this region can have education in vocational and regular stream of courses through the Community and Constituent Colleges. It offers teaching compounded with training, platform for enhancement of skills through the empowerment leading to employment, vertical mobility to higher studies and state of employability.

The performance of the Faculty, Staff & Students earned the State and National appreciations to the College. All of them deserve heartfelt appreciations, as their relentless efforts have promoted the college over the 25 years.

I strongly feel that the youth who prefers to join will be assured with fragrance of good education and earnest achievements through the journey of learning in the college.

Principal (i/c)